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Blending concrete with nature


Rosetta® is brought to you through our partnership with American company, Rosetta Hardscapes. With over six decades of experience in construction, Rosetta Hardscape products are enjoyed throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and now, as manufacturers of quality concrete products, CONSENT is proud to produce Rosetta® in the Middle East.


As an innovative and unparalleled collection of rockscape products, Rosetta provides structurally-sound, architectural walls with a unique stone texture appearance that will unlock the beauty of nature in your landscape applications.


Suitable for desert, marine and wetland environments, Rosetta can be used in a variety of applications such as naturalistic retaining walls, revetment walls, edge treatments along lagoons and canals, gravity walls up to 3m high (or taller walls using geogrid soil stabilization) as well as waterfall and other water features.


Engineered to withstand time itself, this stone will inspire your vision of creating a natural haven for generations to enjoy.  Make a timeless discovery, discover Rosetta



The Rosetta wall collection features a unique variety of natural stone faces, ranging from approximately 60 cm to 180 cm wide and 15 cm to 60 cm tall in 15 cm increments.


The interlocking components of the Rosetta system weigh an average of 100 kilos per square foot of face. This weight allows Rosetta walls to achieve impressive heights without requiring reinforcement.


- Beautiful weathered stone textures
- Fast installation
- Long term durability
- Engineered interlocking units
- Suitable for any application
- Multiple natural color blends
- Variety of sizes and thicknesses available


Retaining wall
Lagoons and canals
Hotel pools and waterfalls
Golf courses & garden decor


The installation process can’t get any easier than Rosetta. Due to having consistent dimensions and large interlocking systems, Rosetta walls can be installed significantly faster than natural rock and can accomodate even the most challenging designs. For your convenience, we have a series of pre-drawn Rosetta layout combinations available as inspiration.


Rocks are supplied on stackable pallets for easy transport, a proprietary lifting hook is available to ensure safe and quick handling and only light lifting machinery is required for installation.

For detailed technical information on how to install Rosetta, please visit

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