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Consent was founded in 1975 with Innovation as one of the founding cornerstones. We work with top architects, designers and Engineers worldwide who are increasingly choosing concrete to create sleek and functional spaces for their clients. We are at the forefront of changing the way the industry thinks about concrete, bringing new levels of efficiency, design performance and standards to our products that the world demands during these challenging times. Consent excels when challenged. This helps us to come up with innovative solutions that transform your ideas to reality.  We are always leading the market, driven by our commitment and fueled by our passion for excellence. As industry pioneers, we are committed to the continuous research & development of precast concrete in order to bring cost savings and efficiencies to our clients, and to seek sustainable practices which will benefit the environment and future generations.


Our Customers are at the core of everything that we do at Consent and this philosophy is permeated throughout our organization. We are always happy to ensure our Customers forge partnerships of collaboration and trust and Consent is able to provide a world class experience.


Our Mission

CONSENT LLC is committed to providing the highest

Quality of product and service to its Clients.

The Firm is a business organisation operating in an aggressive market.

The pursuit of the highest quality of product and service to Clients is as essential to the long term growth and survival of the business as are cost control and competitive pricing.


Our Vision

The company strives for continual improvement throughout its operations to satisfy all interested parties both internal and external customers in the most effective way, and to spread the quality awareness among employees.

In order to ensure that all work is carried out in a manner which provides the highest quality of product / service to Clients, the Firm is committed to the implementation of a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Core Values


CONSENT is focused on creating sustainable value for all our customers.

Customer Value Creation



CONSENT strives to outperform the market; to be at the leading edge of the concrete industry.



CONSENT has a deep connection in the preservation of nature, to be at the forefront in implementing green production technologies.



In supporting the social sustainability goals of U.A.E, we adopt a human-centered design approach to our production of concrete products in order to achieve a sustainable environment for future generations.



CONSENT is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we believe that people of all races and creed be treated with respect and honor and this is reflected in the diversity of our employees.



CONSENT provides an essential space for each employee to grow and prosper; to contribute to the company’s success.



CONSENT believes that working as a team brings a spirit of togetherness to the workplace; allowing everyone to be bold, imaginative, and creative to achieve exceptional outcomes for the company’s success.


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